About SEEK

The SEEK platform is a web-based resource for sharing heterogeneous scientific research datasets, models or simulations, processes and research outcomes. More details about SEEK can be found on the SEEK4Science Website

For an example of SEEK please visit our Demo.

Getting SEEK

To find out how to install SEEK on your own machine, or install SEEK as a Virtual Machine, please go to Getting SEEK

User Guides

General documentation on how to use and administer SEEK can be found in our User Guide

API Documentation

Details on how to get started using the Application Programme Interface (API) can be found in the API Introduction

We also have other information for topics related to SEEK, including Metadata, ISA, and controlled vocabularies, which can be found in our Guides

Contacting and Contributions

There are Contact Details, should you wish to ask a question or make a suggestion.

We also welcome contributions, so please visit our Contributors Guide