Installing SEEK under a sub URI

Running under a sub URI means running seek with a path below the main domain URI - e.g

This requires a couple of small changes on-top of the standard installation. This only covers installing in a production environment running with Apache, but the principle is the same for other webservers.

It is assumed here that the suburi will be /seek and these steps should be carried out once the rest of the installation is complete.

Modifying the Apache configuration

The Apache configuration requires a small change to pass an additional couple of parameters to Passenger. Please add the following to your virtual host settings, just before the Directory definition.

Alias /seek /srv/rails/seek/public
<Location /seek>
  PassengerBaseURI /seek
  PassengerAppRoot /srv/rails/seek

You can find out more about this configuration at

Setting the relative_url_root

In the file config/application.rb towards the end withing the inner block, either uncomment or add the line:

config.relative_url_root = '/seek'

This setting is necessary to create the correct paths when compiling the assets, and also for the delayed-job background tasks. An alternative to this is to set the RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT environment variable when starting/stopping the seek:workers or compiling assets.

Now re-compile the assets

rm -rf public/assets
bundle exec rake assets:precompile

Now restart Apache, and if you have already ran seek clear the cache with:

bundle exec rake tmp:clear

You should now be able to visit and use seek at http://localhost/seek