Reporting Bugs and raising Feature Requests

You can report bugs or request new features using the any of the methods to contact us. Preferably submit a Github issue.

First check Existing Issues in order to see if your planned contribution is new.

If you find a feature or bug has already been reported, please don’t let this deter you from reporting it yourself. Doing so will help prioritise issues.

If you can contribute to fix or add the feature, please read our Contributors guides. If you are planning on contributing a feature or bug fix, it is still advisable to discuss it with us first, as it may be something that is already being worked on and we would want to avoid wasted effort.

Generally please provide the following information:

  • Which version of SEEK are you using? / URL of the SEEK
  • Do you want to contribute to the development? When/where?
  • Do you want to contribute design or testing work?
  • Can you point us to resources, like e.g. source code or tools related to your proposal?

Feature requests

When raising a feature request please try and provide as much information as possible. Provide a clear description of the feature request from a user perspective - outlining the problem and what the user is trying to achieve, rather than describing only a solution.

For complex requests it may be necessary to provide additional supplementary material or pictures. For example you could provide a link to a Google Doc or a shared link to a file in Dropbox.


When raising a bug or problem, please provide any details that would help to reproduce it. An numbered list of steps is often the most useful. In some cases a screenshot may be helpful.