This is an outline of plans the core FAIRDOM-SEEK development team will be working on in the near future.

It is an overview of the main priorities, and milestones. FAIRDOM-SEEK is developed following an Agile development process, meaning some of the features and timing may change - however, these items are very high in our priorities.

They are expected to be added to FAIRDOM-SEEK in roughly the order they are presented here.

Feature Milestone date
Additional Search configuration improvements, with UI improvements for Search filtering Q1 2023
Extended integration with the Norwegian e-Infrastructure for Life Sciences (NeLS) system Q1 2023
UI for creating Custom Metadata Extensions Q2 2023
Enhancements to Sample support Q2 2023
API support for creating new versions 2023
Project folders, to help organise files outside of the ISA structure 2023
ISA improvements, with a single page for creating and managing them 2023
Deposition to repositories, such as ENA 2023
Integration with UNLOCK 2023
Integration with other file storage systems, e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Nextcloud 2023
License improvements, using SPDX 2023
Better and easier definition of institutions, integrating the Research Organization Registry (ROR) 2023

Please also see the Workflow Hub Roadmap, which is being built on and in conjunction with FAIRDOM-SEEK.


These are completed Roadmap features, and includes the version of SEEK the feature was included in.

You can find more details about each release in our Change Logs

Feature SEEK version
Backend storage changes with better versioning support 1.13.0
Better support for GitHub 1.13.0
Search configuration improvements, with UI improvements for Search filtering 1.13.0
Collections - grouping assets together under a topic or theme 1.12.0
A new customizable front page 1.12.0
Improvements to defining authors and creators, and their order 1.12.0
Explicit ordering of items within ISA 1.12.0
Sample and Sample Type API 1.11.2
Generic Custom Metadata fields 1.11.0
Extended Studies with extended metadata, supporting MIAPPE 1.11.0
Ontology based metadata attributes, for samples and custom metadata 1.11.0
Smoother process for creating and joining Projects, for admins to handle the request 1.11.0
Markdown formatting for descriptions 1.11.0
Exploring CSV & TSV (as if Excel) 1.11.0
Bulk Changing Sharing Permissions 1.11.0
Metadata search and querying 1.10.0 support 1.9.1
Rails 5.2 upgrade 1.9
Project dashboard, showing details and graphs for projects 1.8
Further integration with openBIS, with improved metadata mappings 1.8
Programme wide sharing permissions 1.7
ISA graph improvements 1.7
JSON Write API (Application Programming Interface) 1.6
Improved JERM templates and auto-extraction 1.6
JSON Read API (Application Programming Interface) 1.5
JERM 2 Ontology and RDF updates 1.5
Rails 4 upgrade 1.4
Integration with openBIS 1.3
Improved Samples/Treatments/SOP handling 1.2
Docker and Docker Compose support 1.2
Licensing of Assets 1.1
Research Object Snapshots of Assays and Studies 1.1
Self management of projects and programmes 1.0
Self management of organisms 1.0
Improved registration workflow 1.0
Support for Research Objects 1.0
DOI’s for Investigation snapshots for citation 1.0
New user-interface based on Bootstrap 0.23