Logging into SEEK via ELIXIR AAI

Note: This section assumes you have an ELIXIR AAI account (or your organization is connected to ELIXIR AAI), and ELIXIR AAI authentication is enabled on the SEEK instance you are using. For more information on ELIXIR AAI, please see their documentation.

Already got a SEEK account? See how to add ELIXIR AAI to your account instead.

If enabled on the SEEK instance you are using, you will see a tab on the login form titled “ELIXIR AAI”

Login form

Clicking this will switch to the ELIXIR AAI tab and present the ELIXIR AAI login button.

ELIXIR AAI tab selected

Clicking this button will redirect your browser to ELIXIR AAI, where you will be asked to choose your “Identity Provider”, which will usually be your academic institution. If you have logged in using ELIXIR AAI before, your institution may be highlighted at the top, otherwise you can use the search box to find it.

ELIXIR AAI identity provider selection

You will then be redirected to your institution’s login page, where you can login using your institution account’s credentials. Note: this will likely look different to the screenshot below.

Institution login form

After logging in through your institution, you may then be presented with a personal information consent page, which outlines what personal data will be provided by ELIXIR AAI to the SEEK instance:

ELIXIR AAI personal information consent page

At a minimum, the identifier must be provided, or login is not possible. Any other information is used solely to populate fields in your SEEK profile.

If this is your first time logging in via ELIXIR AAI, you will be directed to create a new “Profile”. For guidance on how to do this, see Registering in SEEK. Some fields such as your name and email address may already be populated with information provided by your institution.

Otherwise, you will be directed to the home page and should now be logged in.