These are items that cannot be created by a general user, but can be created by a SEEK administrator, Project Administrator, or Programme Administrator

Creating organisms

To create an organism, choose Organism from the Create menu at the top of the page.

An Organism can just have a title, but preferably also include the NCBI taxonomy URI. To make this easier there is an option to search for the organism, and then click the result to automatically add the name and taxonomy URI.

Note, if you are running your own installation of SEEK, the search is only available if you have registered with BioPortal and created an API key. The API key needs to be set under the Server Admin area - under Site configuration, Additional settings.

Creating profiles

It is possible to create profiles for people that have not registered with SEEK. This is useful if you want to describe and credit members of your Project who are not yet SEEK users. They can adopt their profile later during Registering.

To create a profile, choose Profile from the Create menu at the top of the page. The first and last name are required, and also the email address. The email address must be unique to SEEK.

Creating institutions

To create an Institution, choose Institution from the Create menu at the top of the page.

The title and country are required, and the title must be unique to SEEK. It is recommended that you provide as much detail as you can. Once created you can also provide a logo or picture by clicking change picture under the picture on the right of the Institution page.