A collection is a group of SEEK items that are conceptually related to each other. Items within a collection can be ordered.

SEEK items that can be part of a collection are:

Assets (except other collections)

SEEK items that cannot be part of a collection are:

Yellow pages
Other collections

Creating a Collection

Collections can be created via “Assets” section of the Create menu:

The Collection list item in the Create menu

Collections share many of the same attributes as other asset types in SEEK:


One difference from other asset types is that Collections have “maintainers” instead of “creators”. Maintainers have “edit” rights to the Collection - the ability to add and remove items from the Collection.

The Collection maintainers form

Adding to a Collection

To add assets to the Collection, simply browse SEEK for the asset you wish to add.

If you have access to at least one Collection, a button to “Add to collection” will appear in the buttons section of the asset.

The "Add to collection" button at the top of a Data File's page

After clicking the button, you can also add an optional comment to explain what the asset’s role in the Collection is.

The Collection comment pop-up form

Modifying a Collection

To remove items from a Collection, re-order items, or modify comments on items, visit the Edit Collection page.

The "Edit Collection" button under the "Actions" dropdown menu

Below the title and description fields you will see all the current items in the Collection:

The "Items" section on the Collection's Edit page

  • To remove an item from the Collection, click the “Delete?” checkbox.
  • To re-order an item in the Collection click and drag the item using the blue numbered button on the left side above or below another item.
  • To modify the comment on an item, type into the text box.

Note that any changes to the Collection will not be applied until the “Update” button at the bottom of the page is clicked.