Using Copasi in SEEK

You can download a public SBML format model to a locally installed Copasi application and start the simulation in Copasi.


  • Install Copasi in your local machine. You can download the latest Copasi version here. Find more information about the COPASI scheme here.

  • Enable Copasi button in SEEK. By default the Copasi button is disabled. To enable the functionality described below, first go to the Admin pages (available from the user menu in the top right). Then select Site Configuration and the Enable/disable features. There is a checkbox to enable Copasi.

Find a SBML format model

If you have a SBML format model and it is publicly downloadable, the “Simulate Model in Copasi” button is visible on the top of the single model page;

Copasi button in model page

Download the model and start the simulation in Copasi

Click the button to download the model, the local Copasi is opened and simulation is triggered automatically;

open Copasi and download the model

Here you can see an example result.

simulate model in Copasi