For details about what a Project and Programme is, please see Creating a Project

Joining a Project

You will be prompted to join a Project when you first register and are not yet a member of one.

You can also request to join a Project from a Project page itself. To do so, first navigate to the project page. As long as the Project has an administrator, and you are not yet already a member, a “Request Membership” button should be available:

Request Membership Button

It is only possible to make a request to the same Project once every 12 hours.

Selecting the Projects

If you enter this page after make a request to join from the Project page, the Project will already be selected:

Request Join Project

If you have entered the page directly, such as after registration you will need to select the Project you wish to join.

You do this by typing the name of the Project into the box, and suggestions will be displayed. The suggestions are from matching what is typed to the Project title or part of the description. You can select up to 3 at one time. If you can’t find the project you want, you can browse the full list and filter and then request to join from the Projects page as described above.

Search to Join

Search to Join

Defining your Institution

When you join the Project, you will do so associated with an Institution (or affiliation). You need to describe this whilst making the request. You are free to be associated with a different Institutions for different Projects if necessary.

Start to type the name of your Institution, and existing options will be displayed that contain the text you type (or related to the Institution such as City). Hopefully your institution is found and you can just select it. If not, you can choose the top option to define a new one.

If describing a new Institution only the title is required, but you can also provide details about its website, city and country. You will also be able to edit and add additional information afterwards.

Define Institution

Providing a comment

You also have the option to provide a comment to describe why you wish to join the Project. This is particularly important if you are not already known by the Project administrator.

Approval step

Your request will be sent to the Project administrators, both through email or a notification in FAIRDOM-SEEK. You will either then be approved and added to the Project, or your request may be rejected. Either way, you will be notified by email of the outcome.