Samples in SEEK refer to a broad category


  • Sample: ​entity (material or data) that is converted into a new item (material or data) via a process (physical or computational).
  • Material Sample: ​refers to a physical sample in the laboratory, examples include cell pellets, extracted biological material (DNA, protein, metabolites, patient, organism, tissue), plasmids, etc.
  • Data Sample: ​refers to digital objects, these can include machine data from analysis of material samples, models, descriptions of plasmids, DNA sequences in digital format, Mass Spec Spectra, Gene Strings,
  • Process: ​refers to defined activities (experimental protocols, data analysis, algorithms etc) that can be defined, explained and reported, that convert one sample into another. In essence this is an experiment. A process can only occur if a protocol and/or a standard operating procedure is associated with it.

Creating a new Sample Type

Creating a new Sample

Legacy Biosamples