Creating a new version of an asset

The following describes creating a new Model version, but also applies to Data files, SOPs or Presentations.

We only recommend creating new versions for minor modifications, improvements or correcting errors. If the new version changes the original intention or purpose of the asset, you should you create an entirely new asset entry.

You can upload a new version using the Administration button.

upload version

When uploading a new model, you can either upload the file, or you can link from a remote URL e.g. from Biomodels database.

local file or url

When uploading a new model version SEEK updates the file. You should include comments describing the revision. N.B: If you want to edit the metadata associated with the file you need to edit this separately.

revision comments

After uploading, you will be able to see the two versions displayed in the metadata.

Note that, earlier versions are only visible if logged into SEEK. Anonymous users can only see the latest version.

two versions