JERM Templates

SEEK have been developing a collection of JERM templates to facilitate standard formats for sharing the same kinds of data through the consortium. This page lists the current templates available, although we are always looking to update and add to them with help from the community.


SEEK templates are a community driven activity. If you have any updates, modifications or new templates you want to include for other to use, or if you just want to send feedback, then you can contact us at



This is the general format for all SEEK templates. Each spreadsheet has multiple sheets, defining experimental metadata, organims/samples, data and optional sheets for instrument descriptions and results.
This template can be refined and/or extended to cater more specifically for different data types.


This is a JERM compliant template for general use in metabolomics experiments

General Transcriptomics Templates
  • Mass Spec JERM
    This MIAPE template was adapted from a template offered by the PRIDE database to conform to the SEEK JERM format. For proteomics data, the “Instrument” sheet is mandatory.

  • Gel Electrophoresis
    This is a MIAPE-GE template for use with 2D gel data