Administering project members

These are actions that can be carried out by a SEEK administrator, Project Administrator, or Programme Administrator

Add and remove people from a project

Part of administering a project will involve adding to or removing people from it. You can do this if you are a Project Administrator or you are a Programme Administrator of a Programme that Project falls under.

Before adding people to the project, you should check that their profiles and Institutions have been created first. If you were notified by email that a new user signed up, the email will include details about whether they requested a new Institution. Before creating the new institution, double check that it doesn’t already exist, perhaps with a slightly different name (e.g University of Manchester instead of Manchester University). You can use the search box to check.

From the Administer menu on the Project page, select “Administer Project Members”. There are some explanations on that page. To add people you type their name in the right hand panel, and also select the Institution they are associated with for this Project from their list. You can add multiple people to an institution in one action.

Don’t forget to confirm the changes with the Confirm button when finished.

Assign people to project roles

As a Project Administrator (or SEEK system administrator) you can assign people to roles. From the Administer menu on the project page select “Administer project member roles”. To add to each role start to type the name of the person. You can remove by clicking the ‘x’ next to their name.

The people must be first have been added to the project before they can be assigned to a role.

Flag when a person becomes inactive in a project

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